Monday, June 11, 2007

New PM wants to give up church-appointment power
‘Operational independence’ for the Church of England

But there’s a conservative objection: is it really more de-christianisation disguised as liberty for the church?
Mr Brown wants his government to be seen as representing "all faiths and all cultures," and not tied significantly to the Church of England. His proposals raise the possibility that he might take steps to remove the right of bishops to take their seats in the House of Lords.
...he will also give up his prerogative power to declare war without the consent of parliament.
More on the royal prerogative
Although Tony Blair allowed MPs a vote on the eve of the Iraq war in 2003, he did not need to because the Prime Minister exercises the monarch's powers. Gordon Brown has already promised to guarantee Parliament a vote before any future wars.
Here and here are some words from Tea at Trianon about the virtues of old-style monarchy: essentially the idea that the Queen and Lords are above politics and more concerned about their people... and the monarch is accountable to God.

The trouble is PMs can be like those dirty, clunky pound coins: made of base metal and pretending to be a sovereign (an old joke from the Thatcher era when one-pound notes were replaced).

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