Friday, June 22, 2007

Octave day*: God’s love for mankind
The devotion to the Sacred Heart, which in its symbolical meaning and as representing the love and tenderness of the Saviour towards His children, had found its way into the hymns and prayers of almost every private form of devotion, and commends itself to the more enthusiastic of every communion, as the most touching of all those exercises of piety which cluster around the suffering life of Jesus ... The Heart of Christ, whether to Puritan devotee, to the member of the High Church in England, or to those who had outwardly separated themselves from the communion of both, was the temple of a common worship — the home of common love.
— From The Devotion of the Sacred Heart, the Religious Tract Society, London, probably printed around 1876, pp. 8-9
Let us offer to the Heart of Jesus all that we have done through imperfect or purely natural intentions, with an ardent desire and a full confidence that He will, through the abundance of His merits, supply for all, as though it had been done according to His divine will. He will take pleasure in repairing our losses, in filling up the voids of our miseries, and completing our works, in proportion to the measure of our faith.
— Fr André Prévot, from Tea at Trianon

*Pre-1955 rules.

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