Saturday, June 30, 2007

On the box
Black Narcissus

  • ‘Proper nuns’ as an old rector called them: Anglicans though you’re not told that.
  • Even in 1947 the popular media looked down on the church and preferred to romanticise Asia and its religions... Just like when I read Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man I don’t see the conflict between the faith on one hand and desire and the senses on the other (I know it’s different for monastics)... nor do I think people in Latin or Eastern European cultures would... could be an English and Irish thing (Calvinism for one, Jansenism definitely for the other).
  • Eye-popping colour... and from the actors, classic less-is-more... fabulously sexy.
  • On that note, Kathleen Byron as the sister who goes mad, definitely.
  • I wonder why David Farrar didn’t become a huge star! (From what I can tell here he had more going for him than Cary Grant.) At the last trump in my glorified body that’s what I want to look like to make up for my time here.
  • Can you spot the religious mistake? Hints: listen carefully to Sister Clodagh.

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