Monday, June 11, 2007

Orthodox bishop: no compromise possible with Rome’s view of papal jurisdiction/supremacy and infallibility
Says Bishop Hilarion (Alfeyev) of the Russian Orthodox Church, a man not at all hostile to Western Catholicism

Not at all the same as the Western liberals who hate the Pope because he’s Catholic.

Church infallibility is common Catholic belief.

Whether you agree with the bishop or not he makes sense. As I like to put it:
Are the papacy and its primacy (which it did have in the early church) a man-made rank of the divinely instituted episcopate, just like any other rank of bishop (patriarch, metropolitan, archbishop), for the good order of the church (if there is one Catholic communion why not a kind of supremo for it?), or are papal supremacy and infallibility of divine origin as Roman Catholics are required to believe?
A question familiar to Anglicans!

Once you filter out the Orthodox nationalism, xenophobia and second-hand Protestant no-popery from the convert boomlet (that is, most of the filth on the Internet posted on the subject) it all comes down to this; the first answer is Orthodox belief as articulated by the bishop which he and his church see as a matter of truth not nationalism nor spite.

The bishop also tries to correct a long-standing error in Western reporting: the Patriarch of Constantinople is not the Pope’s opposite number.

Who fears the reunion of the Russian Church?
Written last year by Aleksandr Bogatyrev, translated by Nicholas Ohotin of the Russian Church Abroad, answering in advance naysayers like Nadia Kizenko. From Drake Adams.

I got this e-mail yesterday:
Your whole site is truly excellent, but what I enjoy the most is the Q & A concerning Orthodox and [Roman] Catholic. Being a convert to RC from Protestantism, I feel that I wasn't raised with the same bias so many cradle [Roman] Catholics have towards Orthodoxy. I have a small but informative library composed of many [Roman] Catholic and Orthodox books. Thank you for such a great and informative site.
Thank you!

Just doing my bit to try and get ‘the larger church’ together.

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