Saturday, June 09, 2007

Picking on Paris Hilton
I’m not a fan. I don’t find her attractive (with her aristocratic-looking face she could have been a handsome man). She’s one of those people famous for, well, being famous, having been born into a rich family (the hotel dynasty). Essentially I couldn’t care less but realised this week that, like the furore over Martha Stewart (who, like her or not, worked hard and earned her fortune), much of this spectacle (shoving cameras in this admittedly unlikeable girl’s face and gloating over every tear she sheds) is a crass appeal to... envy. (Either we can live vicariously through you or, when we get tired of that, rip you to shreds to get back at you because we can’t have what you have.) LRC gets it as it does so much else.

After marrying into Connecticut high society then, I’m guessing, being dumped (the discarded wife), Stewart was clever enough to see she spent all those years learning how to be what many Americans wanted to be: upper or at least upper-middle-class. Why not imply you can sell that status with your well-thought-out, well-made products? I know that’s not really true and wrong to imply but she knew it sells. Rather than feel sorry for herself she overcame.

She didn’t really commit a crime but to jail she went to satisfy the masses’ envy.

That said you can say it was reaping the whirlwind: as she used envy to build her empire (knowing what many who shop at Kmart slaver to be, whether they know or admit it or not) so it tore her down.

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