Monday, June 25, 2007

Pope takes Blair to task over Iraq, abortion and stem cells
...the deep Vatican opposition to the war in Iraq, first expressed to Mr Blair by the late John Paul II and reiterated since...

Four years ago Mr Blair was given a dressing down by Pope John Paul II, who warned him not to invade Iraq. The Vatican feels that events since the late Pope's views were brushed aside have proved him right.

Today, the Pope made an enigmatic reference to "true conversion" in his midday Angelus prayers.
Did the soon-to-be-former PM really think the Pope would be impressed that he wants to join the liberal hypocritical faction of RCs?
...same-sex marriages...
Get the state out of the marriage business. These people deserve our charity and should be able to move in together, have any non-Catholic ceremony they want and be left in peace. It is part of the church’s mission (because it is in the truth business) to say it’s wrong. But none of the state’s or my business.

From The Western Confucian.

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