Sunday, June 17, 2007

This week’s after-Mass read
There is a passage in the writings of Simone Weil that has long been important to me. In the passage, Weil describes two prisoners who are in solitary confinement next to each other. Between them is a stone wall. Over a period of time — and I think we have to imagine it as a very long time — they find a way to communicate using taps and scratches. The wall is what separates them, but it is also the only means they have of communicating. “It is the same with us and God,” she says. “Every separation is a link.”
I don’t believe in ‘you gotta sin to get saved’ (but do in felix culpa, good coming out of evil) but like this anyway.

What little I know about Simone Weil includes that she was a Jew who believed in Jesus and was very close to the church but stayed outside.

This quotation from her reminds me of the Orthodox iconostasis, a separation that, thanks to the communion of saints quasi-sacramentally present on it, is also a link.

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