Sunday, July 22, 2007

The 1965 Missal (see the ordo here)
Discussion including my contributions (two comments one after the other).

Two facts I learnt:
  • Although there were fine hand missals for the laity printed of this version in the mid-1960s (the quality of which suggests that almost everybody thought this would be the extent of the changes from Vatican II), one of which I recently found and gave to Jorge, there was no official 1965 version of Missale Romanum (altar book). The last MR was printed in 1962. From 1965 until 1968 there was a changing set of instructions for the priest telling him how to use the 1962 Missal, replacing the old rubrics with simpler ones and translating parts into the vernacular for liturgical use (the readings for example). The English translations may have varied in style and quality from country to country (rather like the difference between the American and British/Irish/Aussie/NZ English of the new office); ICEL began to rear its ugly head. (A version I have, printed in Ireland, sounds like that.)
  • The 1971 ‘Agatha Christie’ indult for England, which prominent English non-RCs asked Cardinal Heenan for, to keep this Mass as a cultural treasure, allowed the 1965 version of the 1962 Missal, which some English priests still use though privately. I remotely remember hearing that before. And as I like to say, I remember being able to find high-church there including among the Romans if you were looking for it. But I’ve never been to a 1965 Mass (lots of 1962 ones though). As for the Anglicans, today only four C of E parishes still use the English Missal (Knott Missal) all the time. (Only a minority ever did.) Of course I’ve been to one. Providentially found it.
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