Sunday, July 15, 2007

American Psychological Association considers stopping ‘change’ counselling for gays
Common knowledge: All conservative Christians want to force homosexuals to go to therapy to change their orientation.

There’s a difference between that (which I agree is harmful and stupid) and IIRC what Sanford Dole (whom no-one accuses of being a conservative) has written (which I do agree with), that among the tiny percentage of people who identify as gay there are those who are simply confused (seduced/recruited as a teen-ager for example) but also a very small minority who really are born that way and deserve to be left in peace and have our understanding (but, adds the Catholic and conservative Protestant, not approval of gay sex).

There is a lot of quackery in the conservative Christian world about this: I never needed nor sought this therapy but for other issues once went to a therapist famous in these circles for telling them what they want to hear about the subject. He was a complete sham.

Sed abusus non tollit usum. If the confused want to try therapy to change they have the right to choose. :)

This coverage smacks of more illiberal liberalism (not to be confused with mind-your-own-business classical liberalism or liberality meaning charity).

From Episcopal Café.

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