Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Church as body of doctrine and church as family
Of course the two aren’t mutually exclusive. An old rector, sound from his biretta to the 39th button of his cassock, used to write a lot about ‘the Family of God’. Mark Shea echoes my points about two kinds of Catholics/high churchmen.

The photo: Jurávit Dóminus et non pœnitébit eum * tu es sácerdos in ætérnum secúndum órdinem Melchísedech. (Psalm 109/110:5) Fr Daniel Kehoe, aged 95. From Miguel José Ernst y Sandoval Moya.
One of the things that strikes me about this Mass is that it attracts a large number of 'ordinary' people and few of the bearded men in navy suits and Mennonite-looking women that seems to be a staple of many a Tridentine Mass parish.
The diversity of real pre-conciliar Catholicism. The church: here comes everybody. All are welcome to come and pray.

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