Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Common knowledge
In part celebrating Thomas Woods’ new book and in part just venting my own frustration

Everybody knows...
  • In the beginning there was God. And Jesus. And the Bible, somehow or other, and it was good. Then, dum-dum-dumm, those Catholics came along and added a bunch of stuff, messing it all up.
  • The Eastern and Western churches split in 1054.
  • In the Middle Ages, when those Catholics oppressed everybody in Europe, keeping them under their power by keeping them ignorant, people thought the world was flat.
  • Indulgences in the Roman Catholic Church were/are about time off purgatory or getting out of going to hell.
  • Martin Luther started Protestantism because the Catholic Church taught you can buy your salvation. He disagreed with Rome on just about everything.
  • King Henry VIII was a Protestant interested in ‘reforming’ the English Church. He broke with Rome because he wanted a divorce from his first wife so he could marry his girlfriend.
  • Besides that, all that really changed in Anglicanism was now the services were in English.
  • Clerical celibacy is Roman Catholic doctrine.
  • Roman Catholics believe the Pope personally is infallible.
  • The Pope has the power to change any past teaching.
  • Being against artificial birth control is a peculiarly Roman Catholic teaching throughout Christian history.
  • Roman Catholics want to force women to have as many children as they physically can.
  • King George III was a tyrant as were Louis XVI and Tsar Nicholas II.
  • Most Americans dearly wanted independence. (The few Tories were all scum like Benedict Arnold.)
  • America’s founding fathers of independence were God-fearing Christians.
  • The two-party system is required in American law.
  • The American Civil War was Abraham Lincoln’s noble crusade to end slavery. (All Confederates were racists as well as traitors.)
  • The Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery in America.
  • Kaiser Wilhelm wanted to rule the world and the US fought World War I to stop him.
  • FDR entered World War II as a noble cause to save the Jews (stop the Holocaust).
  • The Germans and the Japanese wanted to rule America, had plans to try and went to war for it. (‘If your grandpa hadn’t gone to war we’d all be speaking _____!’)
  • Pope Pius XII was a Nazi sympathiser.
  • JFK was idealistic. If he hadn’t been murdered there would have been no Vietnam War and no more racism in America.
  • Most people in the 1960s turned into hippies. Most of the decade was like that!
  • The only big difference between the old and new Masses is the old one is in Latin. Vatican II was about changing that and otherwise catching up with the Protestants (‘going back to the Bible’).
  • Pope John XXIII was a liberal.
  • Roman Catholic traditionalism means wanting to force everybody to have services in Latin and believing that all non-Roman Catholics are going to hell.
  • The problem with conservative Anglicans is they hate women and gays.
  • Amadeus is historical fact.
  • Inherit the Wind is historical fact.
  • Before the late 1960s medically necessary abortions were illegal in the US.
  • Ronald Reagan was a conservative.
  • George W. Bush is a conservative.
  • Conservatism means going to war and having a strong, authoritarian national government, using the state to enforce morality.
  • The 9/11 terrorists attacked because they hate American freedom.
  • The US invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11.
  • In the subculture of those who know of such things: all libertarians are social Darwinists, selfish monsters and narcissistic arrested-adolescent Ayn Rand fans.
  • All artistic innovators are liberals.
  • All conservatives, particularly all Christian ones, will be found out as repressed hypocritical perverts.
And everybody’s wrong.

Search the blog for more of the answers.

‘The truth is out there.’

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