Monday, July 23, 2007

Icons and plainchant
Don Marco (via Tea at Trianon) describes some of the components of Mass-and-office Catholicism, East and West — sober, recollected, objective, Godward, doctrinally centred, scriptural, liturgical — which are in sharp contrast to both squishy ‘spirituality not religion’ (I, not God, am in charge) and charismania (earlier when writing about poor Tammy Fae Messner I observed how Pentecostals seem especially likely to abuse religion like she did).

Loneliness of soul
Not to be confused with being anti-social. How ascesis clears the mind and heart to see God more clearly and improve one’s judgement.

Communist China is still evil
Elena Maria Vidal writes:
It is about as bad as Communism can get, which is pretty bad. It is yet another case of a godless, totalitarian regime promising freedom in order to gain social control.
From LRC.

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