Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jim Wallis and friends have a blog
As Jane Ellen reminded me yesterday. I’ve linked to and criticised Sojourners in the years I’ve blogged, and ‘God’s Politics’ is a bit presumptuous as a name (the Catholic faith doesn’t claim one political system is divinely ordained, and remember legitimism!) but this is well written and worth reading.

Speaking of political stuff worth your time:

Ron Paul on gay marriage
Dorothy Day declared herself a pacifist even in the class war; Dr. Ron Paul is a non-interventionist even in the culture war.
Or as I put it, don’t get played.
He supports the individual's right to freely associate and contract and to call their association whatever they want.

Towards a Catholic regional patriotism
‘Catholic anarchy’ sort of makes sense to me

From Joshua Snyder.

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