Friday, July 20, 2007

John Edwards’ populism
Is like Jim Wallis’s politics: well-meant, in many ways appealing to Christians and right about the war on Iraq. As for the rest we don’t agree on how to conduct the peace. We want many of the same things but disagree on the means.

And again I wonder if in the end they’re really just like these folks, especially considering the vicious anti-Roman things Edwards’ staff have said.

Wow, nativism. How hip and original, campaign bloggers.

And interestingly this ‘progressive’ view of the Roman Church is the same historically as the Ku-Klux Klan’s, which seems to back up my and others’ point that Protestantism is a spectrum or a domino path: they’re all headed Spongwards even though many don’t know it. Knock out the church Catholic and her ‘tired old doctrines’ (as Sojo has put it) and sooner or later you’ll throw out the rest of the Christian package.
Imagine there’s no heaven...
From T19.

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