Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keeping the gate
Or as the Orthodox call it ‘guarding the chalice’: a mainline Protestant look at both apparently an ordinary but very holy Catholic, a lovely old man who recently died aged 91:
...he considered my father’s older sister, Alene, his wife until the day he passed on – 32 years after she left a short note and skipped out of the house like a school girl.
As Tea at Trianon blogged, quoted here.
He played the guitar and sang; he wore moccasins; he liked to play catch. He was a terrible driver. He liked to swim in the lakes in our part of central New York and appreciated my mother’s willingness to swim with him when no one else would. He used Grecian Formula on his gray hair and everybody knew it.

But his outstanding characteristic was his profound devotion to the Church.

Uncle Walt told me how he drove each Sunday to Syracuse (at least an hour’s drive) to hear the Latin mass

He died on Tuesday, the day Pope Benedict XVI released his statement which contends, in part, that Protestant denominations are no more than “Christian communities.” This reiteration of the “Dominus Iesus” declaration of 2000 and the news last week about the lifting of restrictions for the Latin mass may very well have been too much of a good thing for the old guy. He must have died a happy man.
And at Catholic teaching on closed Communion. (More from me earlier on the subject.) Commenters Derek Olsen (a cyber-friend back from holiday) and Ralph Wagenet defend it.

The article’s approach to both subjects is perhaps a bit patronising but not unkind.
To the gatekeepers I say, "Keep the gates if you must" (let us question-asker/ADD/open-ended types just deal with it), but do it with love.
I can’t disagree with that.

From Episcopal Café.

Talking to Fr Tobias Haller and others about the Pope’s latest and other issues
Not being patronising at all I think his take on one Controversial Issue™ is really fascinating: an answer to Peter Kreeft and others?

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