Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The life and times of the CIA
Bill Buckley’s old employer, no friend of real conservatism

Were American Indians really environmentalists?
Thomas Woods takes on more common knowledge. No matter what the truth is, I too like the stories of good stewardship, only using or killing what you need, and spiritually (natural religion) even acknowledging the life you are taking to put to good use. BTW the ‘crying Indian’ pictured, from a famous environmentalist advert on American television in the early 1970s, was played by ‘Iron Eyes’ Cody, real name Cotti, not an Indian but part of the phenom now known as ‘wannabes’ (white admirers of what they think native cultures are).

Bush and Cheney are liberals
Their models include Woodrow Wilson and FDR, which tells anybody who knows real history

From LRC.

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