Friday, July 20, 2007

MCJ on the Episcopal row
As everyone knows, boundary-crossing is the most serious crisis in the history of Anglican Christianity and in case anybody asks, the sole reason for the current controversy. Nothing else and a certain New England bishop whose name escapes us right now.
That issue is a presenting symptom of problems going back through the Pike trial all the way to the Elizabethan Settlement.

We all know how important ancient precedent in the Christian church is to reappraisers... unless it goes against something that’s becoming fashionable in the upper middle class in which case one has to manufacture a theology to accommodate it.

On Roger Dodger Mahony and the gay-priest underage sex scandal
First His Eminence tries to blame the pre-conciliar church
So that’s why so many LibCats were so horrified at the Pope’s recent motu proprio.
On the people in his archdiocese defending him:
Translation: abuse, schmabuse. The Cardinal is correct on stuff we think is important vital social issues so why is everyone so fixated on this?
MCJ is one of my guilty pleasures: as you can see it’s pugnacious but very funny... and often correct. (But not on Palestine, Iraq or secular politics in general. Come on... Rush Limbaugh?)

For some balance here’s Roman Catholic Mark Shea:

On ordinands who are homosexual
Which as many in Anglicanism know describes many in the Catholic Movement:
What's being overlooked about the discernment process is that it's a discernment process, not a machine. I've long believed that mere Same Sex Attraction is not, by itself, a sufficient disqualifier for the priesthood. I think it's a mistake and an injustice for the discernment process to bar men ... whose fidelity to the Church's teaching is tested and proven, from the chance to model the graces they have received in a pastoral way. This is, unfortunately one of the many effects of the The Situation. Institutions tend to clamp down unjustly when, in the past, they were unjustly lax.
It’s a matter of discipline not doctrine. Of course the church can do that (Pope John XXIII told religious-order seminaries to do it!) but here Mark is entirely Catholic: it doesn’t have to and doing so can be regrettable as just about anybody who’s known holy Anglo-Catholic priests knows. The Orthodox can look to Fr Seraphim (Rose).

On the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles
Sensible and with a nice ecumenical nod to the Orthodox

The church doesn’t micro-manage people
A difference between real pre-conciliar Catholicism in all its depth and breadth and the perfectionism and Jansenism of some traditionalist groups

On this bit of PCness opposed to common sense
Side benefit: You can attack the Church as both homophobic and insufficiently vigilant against potential threats to our children.

Nothing sexually deranged about our culture. This is clearly the exclusive fault of the celibacy and an all-male priesthood.
[More common knowledge!] We laypeople are alright, Jack. (If only figure-skating coaches were allowed to marry...)

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