Friday, July 13, 2007

By the looks of her outfit, she was firmly grounded in the 21st century, just another hip lass with loose curls, a scoop-necked top and denim skirt with naughty front slits.

Then she opened her mouth, and it was if one had been transported back—oh, 150 years or so.
Well, not only did that get my attention but it does sound like the best of both worlds!

You might assume that YFs like me would be over the moon but my reaction to this is actually very mixed. I see what was wrong with this period as well as the romantic, æsthetic and spiritual aspects I fell in love with as a kid and the very sensible — and correct — aspects these young people are reviving (dating means considering marriage for example).

Actually much Catholic ardour back then was a rebellion exactly against what was wrong socially and politically at the time, such as imperialism and the Protestant self-satisfaction of the middle and upper classes: the Anglo-Catholic slum parishes with their orthodoxy, ritualism and social-justice message and work.

As wrong and annoying as both the hippies and the slackers could be, both had a point and incidentally made some good music*.

In short with this new ‘virtue is cool’ fad I see a retread of yuppy arrogance and selfishness in which certain classes of people are not welcome. In other words I’d want a Victorian-like society with these people (again, they have and do a lot of good), Oscar Wilde (thanks, Larry) and the wandering Russian pilgrims.

From LRC.

*And not so good: what did the Deadhead say when he ran out of pot? ‘Hey, man, this music sucks!’

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