Friday, July 13, 2007

On the box
It’s like ‘Crossing Jordan’ except the woman lead character to my ear really sounds like a sister on the neurodiversity spectrum (talks like she swallowed a dictionary: I used to do that on purpose when I was nine because I thought it impressed people).

Rather like Bobby Goren on ‘Law & Order: CI’ who also accurately acts like he’s on it.

(Again, I noticed those shows started going downhill when the opening minutes became a music video. Go back to just playing the doink-doink sound and having the innocent bystanders discover the victim, OK?)

Met his Doppelgänger this week when my watch’s battery needed replacing. The jeweller I went to (in the small town where I work) is charming (people who say all spectrumites are anti-social or act like The Rain Man don’t know what they’re talking about). Smart and very friendly but... quirky.

Hey, brother.


P.S. Steven Spielberg and Dan Aykroyd are on the spectrum.

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