Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The optional Jesus
Joe Sobran has got Modernism sussed: ‘we have met the historical Jesus and he is us’. Or as G.K. Chesterton saw regarding immanentism, when Jones starts mainly worshipping God within Jones (in itself valid) it’s not long before Jones is worshipping Jones. He would have understood the ageing suburban boomer RCs celebrating themselves at St Novus Church parish community whilst their kids are mostly honestly secular* — if I’m gonna worship myself who needs a middleman? — with a few others, ‘YFs, The Next Generation’, off listening to MP3s of music in Latin and reading Pope Benedict’s latest on the Web (or even upping Ron Paul’s already high Technorati rating!). Or in the case of the liberals in the Episcopal row, chase whatever is fashionable in the upper middle class (right now gay weddings are becoming accepted) and manufacture a theology to accommodate it.

BTW if I were a gambling man I’d bet you a gold sovereign the sometime Archbishop of Cape Town wouldn’t be a media darling if he were still Catholic (which is how the anti-apartheid movement started out). For some time he has agreed with the First World upper middle class on everything, therefore...

From Joshua Snyder.

*In America not hard-core atheist like in Europe but more like ‘I’m spiritual but not religious’: God is, like, cool and all but I run my own life.

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