Friday, July 13, 2007

Orthodoxy on the Ship
Are there living Orthodox women who are teaching and leading these days?
Yeah, go into any Orthodox church and sit with your legs crossed and see how many mothers come and tell you off and woe betide any Greek priest that gets something wrong.
As I was saying, sacerdotalist not clericalist.
Mother Maria (Skobtsova) ROCKS! This is the nun that smoked like a chimney and would go to all-night bars in Paris and drink wine all night with disconsolate Russian émigrés to help them have hope about life. [Like Ref’s bar nights. My good friend and fine churchwoman Byrd is from Montana and knows all about bars called ‘The Stockman’.] Although standing up to the Nazis eventually cost her her life, she was a gutsy (and ballsy, or whatever the equivalent term is for women) dame! She is also officially a "Righteous Gentile" for the work she did harbouring and transporting Jews during the Vichy period.
The photo is from Death to the World. Now that’s an icon corner!

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