Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Does the Pope use this for his private Mass?
Not the Knott Missal but the Missale Romanum

Some possible photographic evidence.

Another reason to like him.

Update: The Vatican says he celebrates facing east but does not use the Tridentine Mass. (Via Joshua Snyder.)

Fr Zuhlsdorf fisks another nasty article from a sputtering liberal
It is legitimate to wonder, given liturgical history, theology, canon law, and pastoral practicalities, whether the liturgy is being taken seriously by this motu proprio or being treated as just another choice available in the [Roman] "Catholic cafeteria".
So, Fr Francis, the pre-conciliar church was evil because among other things it was monolithic (common knowledge!) but you’re angry because now your church won’t be monolithic. (Guess that’s not what you mean by ‘multicultural’.) Let’s take your statement to a logical conclusion applying it to the Eastern churches. Michael Davies and Thomas Day sussed out your kind years ago. Sure and begorrah, underneath the patronising ‘I love icons’ ecumenicism you’d like to ‘warmly invite’ those backward Oriental greaseballs your Eastern brethren to modernise their services... or else.

Like I said, the shadow of the Type 1s.

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