Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Remembering a real conservative
From a letter from Larry Penner in the US edition of Metro:
1964 presidential candidate [and late US Senator from Arizona] Barry Goldwater believed that what consenting adults consume, inhale, perform, read or view in the privacy of their their own homes or private social clubs isn’t the concern of government. Individual ecenomic and civil liberties prosper best when government stays out of both the bedroom and the marketplace. Limited government means taxpayer dollars should be spent prudently with the least amount of confiscatory taxation accompanied by real balanced budgets, no deficits and actual surpluses. [Second-term Bill Clinton seemed to approach that.]

Goldwater would never support the massive deficit spending that has resulted in today’s $9 trillion long-term debt. He would have also opposed the thousands of congressional earmarks supporting tens of billions of dollars in pork-barrel spending each year. He was no fan of corporate welfare or spending billions on useless weapons systems supported by Congress but not requested by the Pentagon.

If he were alive today he would disown all the 2008 GOP presidential candidates.
Meet Ron Paul.

From Joshua Snyder:

Justin Raimondo explains Dr Paul to the British
He stands in the tradition of the Little Englanders like Chesterton

I have always given it as my decided opinion that no nation had a right to intermeddle in the internal concerns of another; that every one had a right to form and adopt whatever government they liked best to live under themselves.
— George Washington
1. Liberals think they are better than the average person because:

- They believe everybody is equal

- They have higher IQs.

2. The members of America's political overclass aren't as smart as they think they are.
Steve Sailer

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