Monday, July 16, 2007

A righter shade of green
Roger Scruton notes that "[w]hile the Left pursues environmentalism to advance its global agenda, conservation is best entrusted to local stewardship".
Contracepting the environment
Scientists at the University of Colorado "studied the fish and decided the main culprits were estrogens and other steroid hormones from birth control pills and patches, excreted in urine into the city’s sewage system and then into the creek".

Don't expect left-environmentalists to say anything about this; rivers are but collateral damage in their war on mankind.
Impeach now

False prophets

Or the cakewalkers should be eating their words: a catena of stupid quotations from the neoconnerie before the war
This one, from the War Street Journal's William Shawcross, takes the cakewalk:
What a wonderful, magnificent, emotional occasion – one that will live in legend like the fall of the Bastille, V-E Day, or the fall of the Berlin Wall. All those smart Europeans who ridiculed George Bush and denigrated his idea that there was actually a better future for the Iraqi people – they will now have to think again.
It would be funny if tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands had not died in the meantime.
From Joshua Snyder.

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