Monday, July 23, 2007

Russia and Eastern Europe
Russian liberals were, are, accommodating and subservient to the U.S. and the West. Indeed, that seems to be the essence of what passes for Russian liberalism (which is, in reality, about as liberal as the “colour revolutions” were democratic). “Russian liberalism” simply means the transplanting of western European and American managed democratic capitalism in which they, the “liberals,” will serve as the managing elite and organise things according to their particular interests. This would inevitably require them to ignore what most Russians want and what most Russians believe.

Those who cheered on the “colour revolutions” were gullible and usually were not paying very close attention to the people being brought to power in the process. Whether or not the CIA was involved in any of these (I tend to think they were not involved, since these revolutions succeeded), Western governments openly supported one side against the other and cast each one in terms of movement towards the West and away from Russia. The bombing of Yugoslavia
was aggression.
We can’t quit Iraq because... Turkey will be angry

The Third World
I’m hardly banging the drum for intervention in any other places, but who actually thinks that the mess in Iraq is a more “comprehensive and avoidable man-made disaster” than the nightmares that Congo, Sudan and Zimbabwe have been over the last five to ten years? Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of southern Africa, now essentially produces no crops thanks to the insane land-grabbing ways of ZANU-PF [that racist thug Robert Mugabe whom the Archbishop of Bulawayo has courageously spoken out against] and friends. After wiping out four million people through violence and disease, the two Congo Wars continue to have significant aftershocks. Those have been man-made disasters on a grander scale, partaking of a kind of irrationality that is difficult to equal. We do not notice them, because we do not even pretend to care about central and southern Africa the way that some of us pretend to care about Darfur. Then there is Darfur, where the mass killing and refugee crisis together constitute a “more comprehensive and avoidable man-made disaster” than what has happened in Iraq, and its effects have spread to some of Sudan’s neighbours. This is not to say that the Iraq war is not an appalling waste or that it will have calamitous effects for years to come, but this is to say that it is still not, in fact, the worst thing that has happened in the last 25 years. Unlike those others, however, the geniuses in Washington can look at the Iraq disaster and say, “We did that!”
As I’ve said before if Mr Bush’s minders tooks the Democrats and the peace movement seriously they’d invade the Sudan to shut them up. That would be fecking genius.

From Eunomia.

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