Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Spinning the Pope
GetReligion confirms what I said was happening: the anti-Romish media are trying to make the Pope look as bad as possible: ‘Pope to other Christians: you suck’.

Opposed to common knowledge is the truth, common sense:
From what I’ve seen so far on the blogosphere, it seems that when you are talking to the committed religious, the Pope’s statements are not an issue at all. In fact, they tend to find it refreshing.

“So the Pope believes his religion is superior to the others? Good, I’d be worried about him if he didn’t. I feel the same way about mine.”
Nearly what Archbishop of Canterbury Geoffrey Fisher said about ecumenical dialogue.
It’s only when you start talking to folks who don’t take their religion that seriously that the Pope’s assertions seem to be upsetting people. It’s like the Pope ruined the party for a lot of people who where trying mighty hard to pretend that religion is not, in fact, about the path to ultimate truth, but is more a sort-of “lifestyle choice” - like deciding on jazz or classical music.

It’s like people are surprised that their neighbors actually still believe in this stuff. The death of objective truth was supposed to be a big “no-duh” and yet here we are. And it frightens or annoys the hell out of them.

Talking to the Revd Chris Tessone about some of these issues

Pope: we are the one true church
Shenouda III of the Coptic Church. The two Copts quoted seem to mirror the more famous Pope’s claim for his respective church whilst this Pope seems to echo mainstream Western indignation. Fun fact: historically this is the first patriarchate to use the title, which is not an official one of the Bishop of Rome! (It’s like a nickname then?) And I see the news source made no distinction between the Oriental Orthodox family of churches that Copts belong to (formerly thought to be Monophysite) and the Eastern Orthodox communion. I know Oriental and Eastern literally mean the same thing (one word is Latin, the other Germanic). The two communions probably will reconcile, long before corporate East-West reunion, but they are different.

But what Benedict XVI repeated about the churchness of the EO also applies to the OO.

BTW the reason the word Oriental is now politically incorrect makes sense: like American Indian wannabes and real native cultures, it refers to ideas Westerners have about East Asian cultures (stereotypes), right and often wrong, and not the real peoples and cultures.

From Byzantine Ramblings.

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