Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Stephen Hand on anarcho-Catholicism
Vis à vis the quasi-deist and quasi-Masonic principles which pass as 20th-century democracy in the United States many of us appear as anarchists. That is because we do not uncritically trust all power, especially when the State poses as ultimate and bans God and His commandments from the land, substituting false autonomy, debauchery and imperial wars in His place. In such a state of affairs we are indeed resisters. But as Catholics in greater numbers all over the world seek by their resistance to overcome imperial arrogance and "restore all things in Christ", we will not appear anarchic but as supporters of genuine authority, as delineated by the Church which undergirded Europe for nearly two millennia, and especially by John Paul's compassionate and yet very earnest critique of the epistemology of false (as opposed to true) humanism.
From The Western Confucian.

Charles Coulombe via Taki:
You will be hard put to find many social Conservatives who like jobs being exported overseas, promote urban poverty, or delight in substandard education and shattered families for the minorities. By the same token, not too many blue-collar workers, Blacks, and Latinos really like abortion, gay “marriage,” or the possibility of having their daughters drafted. If ever this fact is realized on the part of the majority of these people, there will indeed be a political revolution in this country.
To which Michael Morris adds:
Indeed. The ruling class (I hate the term, but what else to call it?) is making fools out of all of us. We are all slaves. They need us - foot soldiers for the empire, and tax dollars in their coffers - and that is precisely why they despise us.

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