Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thought conviction
No-one is forced to see his website and they are certainly free to immediately surf away from it the moment they find something they don’t like.

While I don’t condone Mr Love’s choice of humour, neither do I think it should be a criminal offence.

Keeping chastity out of school
Or the multi-cultis’ ‘all religions are valid except yours’
In the future the school can be a chastity-free zone. If someone wants to express religious ideas of sexual purity, she can wear a hijab.
Christianity rebounding in Europe
But not in the Swedish Church
Hedvig Eleonara [parish church] has three full-time salaried priests and gets over $2 million each year though a state levy. Annika Sandström, head of its governing board, says she doesn’t believe in God and took the post “on the one condition that no one expects me to go each Sunday.”
From David Holford.

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