Monday, July 16, 2007

Time to go!
What are you waiting for? Mark Shea is on a roll:
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Saturday that the Iraqi military and police are capable of maintaining security "any time" the Americans want to leave the country.
We've been told we'll leave when the Iraqis can look after themselves.

Time to leave. However, we should still follow Andrew Bacevich's recommendation and throw open our doors to all the refugees we've created.
Such as Catholics.

Christopher Hitchens’ atheism doesn’t work
Chris: Nice and slow. The point is not "Atheists are immoral." The point is, "In the universe of Is that you posit, there is no way of deriving an "Ought". Yet you continue to do this. How?
On the love that dare not shut up
The holy crusade of some, particularly in the Episcopal row, or as Brad Drell calls it ‘waging reconciliation’ as in ‘we’ll reconcile the f*** out of you... in court’. OTOH see how the Presbys try to act like Christians. BTW if the Episcopal supremo is right and only a small minority of malcontents aren’t on board with all this, doesn’t running them out of their churches make her side bullies?
This blog [and mine] has made clear times without number that I believe a civil society not only can but already does tolerate homosexual behavior. But heterophobes ... are not content with that. Nothing less than approval of homosex will do. I object to having Gay GoodThink imposed on me--particularly by a priest who is supposed to proclaim, not distort, the Tradition.
The state is not in the truth business. The church is.

Fr Joseph O’Leary is wrong about many things and I hate his go at pathologising Catholics but he’s spot-on here as Mark Shea agrees:
O’Leary takes Fr. Brian Harrison, the Ratzinger Fan Club and various other fans of the Pope to task (rightly in my view) for somehow suddenly becoming extremely interested in trying to figure out a way to reconcile torture with the bleedin' obvious teaching of the Church, just at the moment when it was most convenient for supporters of President Bush's policies of torture and prisoner abuse.
Father has defended this blog publicly for its peace witness and back-handedly he helped me in another way through reading his stuff: I realise his brand of RC liberal — Irish, anti-high church, in its own way doctrinaire and moralistic as in PC — is an inversion of the ‘neocath’ described above, among the first kind of Catholics I describe here.

‘The trouble with you airy-fairy high-church types is you don’t follow the Pope like we do. Pretty services don’t matter. We stand on the Rock!
‘What about the war? What about torture?’
‘Well, erm, we, ah, prudential judgement and... just shut up and vote Republican, OK? ...and stop reporting on the priestly underage gay sex scandal!’
On Cardinal Mahony’s apology and payout
Well, $660M is better than nothing but still doesn’t cut it

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