Friday, July 20, 2007

What we will see in Iraq is how empires end
Pat Buchanan’s latest

Mark Shea writes:
Unfortunately, Captain Kirk, there are Kobayashi Maru scenarios.
Bush the heretic
His messianism (more)

Battlin’ oligarchs!
Rep. Don Young attacked his fellow Republicans on the House floor Wednesday, as he defended education funds allocated to his home-state of Alaska.

"You want
my money, my money," Young stridently declared before warning conservatives that, "Those who bite me will be bitten back."
Remember when the GOP went to Congress to reduce spending? Remember when the GOP claimed to be conservative and to live by the notion that the money the government took from us in taxes belonged to the people and was not the personal property of a class of oligarchs increasingly out of touch with their constituents?

Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss. These people are begging to be swept from office.
The good and bad of techno-libertarianianism
Glenn Reynolds... is certainly right that technology has made it possible for the little guy to exert more power than ever before. The blogosphere is Exhibit A, as Dan Rather will tell you. Anybody with a computer can now, if he likes, be a one-man publishing house, radio station, and TV cable company. As somebody who likes free speech, I think that's a good thing.

However, there is another side that Reynolds tends to overlook: original sin. It's the parable of
Forbidden Planet: technology liberates the Little Guy to follow hiw Inner Beast and allow Everything to be expressed.
Abusus non tollit usum and this medium does so much good (blogging ecumenism for example) but as a recovering Internet clobberer I know it can be an occasion of sin like other good things.

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