Friday, July 20, 2007

What’s wrong with liberation theology from the left or what now passes as the right
Far from having “religion” influencing politics, it subordinates religion to the role of providing justification...

...nothing could be worse for a properly robust role for religion in public life than taking Mr. Bush’s badly disordered version of it as an expression of religious influence on politics. This liberation theology, not unlike Marxist liberation theology before it, is a perfect example of how Christians twist and distort the Faith to suit the supposed political needs of the moment.

Christians are meant to defer to legitimate authority and not simply lawless power. That is a vital distinction. The Anglo-American idea of the right to rebel has certain mediæval precedents and theological defences. Even so, this means that God wills that every society and government be well-ordered according to prudence, justice, charity, moderation. To the extent that a liberal democratic government can realise these virtues or allows people to realise them, we can say that it does not stand in opposition to what God wills. It might even be argued (though I would not necessarily argue this) that this is the regime best suited for cultivating such virtues.

[Roman] Catholics and Orthodox are still taught to believe that no single form of government has any special endorsement from on high, and that all legitimate government must be obeyed.
What ‘render unto Cæsar’ and ‘honour the King’ really mean.

The pre-Constantinian Romans thought we were atheists. Compared to the statists left and right today we look like anarchists.
People ask if I’m a Communist. I’m much more dangerous. I am a Catholic.
— Actor Martin Sheen

From Eunomia.

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