Monday, August 13, 2007

Ambition? Arrogance?
From Phoebe Griswold in Episcopal Life:
When the Episcopal Church Center was built in 1961 as a new home for the central offices of the Episcopal Church, it quite deliberately was situated two blocks from the United Nations complex. The planners understood our church’s potential role in the world community.
ELCA Lutherans approve practising gay pastors
Which in a way is not surprising but still is because like the Church of England they have a strong conservative evangelical party (who were not keen on the union with the Episcopalians because of things like this)

A glossary of the Episcopal row
AFFIRMING CATHOLICISM: Progressive theology in High Church garb; smells, bells, and birettas untainted by catholic theology.
The Catholic Movement in the Episcopal Church is over
...degenerated from a theological imperative into haberdashery.
From Ad Orientem.

On this point Clarence Pope says nearly what I’ve been saying: there are still Catholic people, parishes and even a couple of dioceses but no more Movement, certainly nothing that confidently says it’s the authentic voice of Anglicanism.

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