Monday, August 13, 2007

Beyond left or right
Latin America refuses to ‘choose’ (meaning kill). Maybe they did some research and learnt Margaret Sanger’s views on race. Some of the changes might be mistakes: there must be an exception to save the life of the mother! (Legal in the US before the late 1960s.)
Western feminism has had a condescending habit of treating Bolivia’s indigenous cultures as backward, without trying to understand the nuances of their outlook on issues like abortion — a word that doesn’t even exist in most of the country’s Indian languages.
Cat’s outta the bag.
In one of my extension courses, an activist for South Korea’s far-left Democratic Labor Party (Minjoo Nodong Dang) gave an impassioned speech calling for an end to abortion.
Ron Paul may be only hope of not having conscription
The two leading Dems would even draft our daughters.
Return of the neocon con men
In both cases — Republicans on abortion and Democrats on peace — don’t get played

From Joshua Snyder.

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