Sunday, August 26, 2007

On the despicable Michael Vick
Specifically blaming racism and the idolisation of sport. Actually you can blame ‘da man’ in a way.
The thing is, we have the power to say no more. All we have to do is put down those tickets, turn off the TV, and buy plain ole Keds.
Even if you’re the kind of libertarian who argues that dogs are simply property and Mr Vick had the right to do with them what he wanted, good-hearted people of any political persuasion have the right to exercise freedom and comment on Mr Vick’s character exactly as Deacon Jim says.

The Catholic faith on cruelty to animals
The Schoolmen steer a rational middle course neither approving of Mr Vick’s evil nor the errors of the radical animal-rights people. BTW how do many of them feel about killing ‘inconvenient’ babies in the womb? Again sympathy for animals is good but how much of this is only upper-middle-class sentimentality?

Rather proves the article’s parting shot. From bedwere.

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