Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Franz Jägerstätter and the rights of conscience
  • Of course the neocons lie and claim their wars of aggression are for national defence!
  • Great man, Newman: he never changed really despite what he said about perfection coming from changing often and all that. Protestant as a boy, the mature Newman was immutably Catholic but of the second kind here, which endeared him neither to many in his Church of England as a young man (who thought he was a dangerous reactionary) nor to the first kind of Catholics he found in the Roman convert scene when he was older (who of course thought he was a dangerous liberal). Anyway he was right: conscience is the ultimate authority; however, the Catholic faith says not just any old conscience but a well-formed one, that is, one as well-informed as possible, conforming to reason (objective reality as Aristotle, the Schoolmen and classic Anglicans understood — not my ‘reason’ opposed to fact or the doctrines of the faith) and, knowing the teachings of the faith, following them as best one can.
Clearly history should teach us that the State is about the last voice one should trust in determining the justice of a particular conflict.
From Daniel Nichols at Cælum et terra.

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