Monday, August 13, 2007

Giving until it hurts — to look at who is receiving
Last night was National Night Out, a night to promote neighborhood safety. I spent the night in, pondering why Matt A. Peskin makes $255,000 in salary and $42,000 in benefits so people can have annual block parties to feel better about safety.

My favorite regional recipient of his board's own largesse is WHYY's Bill Marrazzo.

As president and chief executive officer of the public radio and television station, Marrazzo makes a very for-profit salary, $430,786 and an additional $56,250 in benefits during fiscal year 2006.

For those of you playing at home, the president of the United States makes $400,000.

The television station is ... stuffed with self-help infomercials, ancient English sitcoms and Lawrence Welk who, last time I checked, is still dead. Listed under the station's "special productions" are 17 shows, mostly half-hour documentaries many years old.
You forgot recent anti-Catholic docudramas on the ‘Reformation’ and Inquisition.

(From ‘SNL’ when it was funny: ‘For your pledge of $50 you can have this Abortion yes!” coffee mug’.)

Every now and then there is something better but this is essentially true.

I’ve pledged to two public stations (not this one).

Given the hundreds of channels on cable and satellite doing what this used to do, only better, is it really needed?

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