Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How fundamentalism works
Eunomia on Islam
The lesson of mainline Protestantism... is that religion without substance and conviction is dead and uninspiring and doomed to stagnation and irrelevance. People flee it as they would from the plague.
Or at least Beavis and Butt-Head laugh at it.

The term fundamentalist is an f-bomb in the chattering classes for any kind of conservative Christian (and sometimes the shoe fits) but Catholics — traditionalists — are not fundies with a Mass.

R. Scott Appleby, who has little sympathy for us, acknowledges that.

It’s the difference between the depth and breadth of the real pre-conciliar church — everybody from Franco to Merton — and the perfectionistic little sects some groups trying to emulate it become.
[Fundamentalism] is itself a modern phenomenon.

Appleby’s written that it’s amazingly adaptive and a selective retrieval of parts of a tradition. By definition a caricature!

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