Monday, August 27, 2007

MCJ gets the Episcopal row
Didn’t the liberals know, or did they want you and me to forget, that high-ranking politicians like the US president, even ones they like, usually don’t write their own speeches?
Liberals love Africans. Not as real people, mind you, with thoughts, ideas and opinions of their own, but as helpless children who need to be "saved" by their enlightened betters in the West. But let an African come along who strays from the reservation, who suggests that perhaps the West is, well, wrong about something, and such an anomaly needs to be addressed.

You can go the John Shelby Spong route and declare that your African is too stupid to know any better. You can call him a bigot. If neither of those approaches works individually, you can combine the two by implying that your African is too much of a simpleton to realize how completely he's being manipulated by evil, rich, Western conservatives.

What you can't permit yourself to do is to admit that your African arrived at his viewpoint by himself. Because then you have to open yourself up to two unpleasant possibilities. There is an African in the world who doesn't need you. And your self-evident right answer to The Issue isn't as self-evident as you originally talked yourself into believing it was.

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