Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Myths and truths about Iran
...the famous quote from Iran's President Ahmadinejad about "wiping Israel off the map." Here's the problem: from what I can tell, he never said that. ...I do want to highlight one word that Ahmadinejad used in his famous quote: "rezhim-e." What does that sound like to you? [Members of the audience answered "regime."] Right.

...one cannot understand Iranians and how they think about the world without understanding the important role in their lives of the 1980-88 war between Iran and Iraq. A minimum estimate of Iranian lives lost in that war is 300,000. ...To put that in an American context, consider how many American lives were lost in the Vietnam war: approximately 58,000.
Iran lost half of one per cent of its people. If American losses in Vietnam were proportionate they would have come to a million.

Don’t blame foreign governments for fuel shortages:
...no foreign government, no matter how powerful, can make us line up for gasoline. Only our government can do that, by imposing price controls on gasoline that prevent the price from rising to the point where the amount demanded equals the amount supplied. Result: shortages and line-ups.
From antiwar.com.

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