Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Patriarch of Moscow praises the motu
Like recognises like: one traditional Catholic sees another. Ну, хорошо. (Very well then.) Слава Богу! (Glory to God!)

This is very recent as the Russian Orthodox celebrated the feast of the Assumption (Falling Asleep of the Mother of God) yesterday according to the Julian calendar (13 days behind the Gregorian one: Gregorian 28th August = Julian 15th August.)

Fr John Zuhlsdorf writes:
At various times in my articles in The Wanderer, during talks and on this blog I have opined that if we are serious about an authentic ecumenical dialogue, we have to get our liturgical act together: "What must the Orthodox think when they see how we Latins conduct ourselves liturgically?" At the same time, the solemn Mass in the older use of the Roman Rite is as grand as anything the Easterners do.
Michael Davies made the same point more than 30 years ago.

Regarding Patriarch Alexis II’s complaints about Roman Catholic missionaries:
  • In the far western Ukraine (Polish Galicia before 1939) the Ukrainian Catholic Church, banned by the Soviets in 1946, starting around 1989 took back what was theirs: churches the Soviets stole and gave to the Russian Orthodox. Case closed.
  • As for activity in Russia Fr Maximos at Holy Resurrection Monastery (Byzantine Catholic) has answered that: western Ukrainians were imprisoned in those parts of Russia (Siberia for example) and stayed; now they want churches. Fair enough.
  • The Roman bishops in Russia scrupulously do not proselytise the Orthodox/compete with the Orthodox, keeping in mind Rome’s dream of corporate church union. (Rome quietly accepts individual conversions but does not solicit the Orthodox.)
  • Some overseas bishops might be guilty of what His Holiness accuses. They do not represent Roman policy.

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