Saturday, August 25, 2007

The problem of decaying infrastructure
Like unsafe bridges, as recently made the news from Minnesota. (Pennsylvania just issued a press release — I work for a newspaper so I get this stuff — that admitted, sort of, the state’s got a lot of dodgy bridges but by God they’re safe! Sure.) It’s a respectable libertarian position to say this is one of government’s legitimate jobs, not interfering with people’s God-given rights but delivering the post and paving the roads. Ron Paul says no, privatisation is best at least for safe bridges.

Long audio interview with Dr Paul
A conservative Baptist who doesn’t claim personal infallibility and gets tolerant conservatism (he wouldn’t harass homosexuals or women who make the horrible mistake of aborting). The interviewers, delightfully bonkers music and all, remind me why I didn’t vote for the Constitution Party (creepy Protestant religious-right vibe that would welcome theocratic fascism).

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