Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Gothic Revival: a Catholic reaction to paganising, secularising, dehumanising influences on society and culture from decadence in art and architecture to the ‘dark satanic mills’ taking over England in the Industrial Revolution

(An economist such as a libertarian of the von Mises school might criticise the vision — much like critics of crunchiness today, another good-hearted movement — pointing out that industry benefited more people in the long run, but it still had a lot of truth.)

This reaction to these forces, along with romanticism in literature (like Walter Scott) and some Anglican high churchmen’s return to Catholic doctrine through the study of the church fathers (the Tractarians at Oxford), all came together around the mid-1800s to form another expression of English and Victorian ardour, Anglo-Catholicism.

Ambrose de Lisle was another Roman Catholic very much of this school and IMO a saint.

Church and history on the Sussex coast
I used to know somebody in Lewes (the vicar of St Anne’s) — he wasn’t from there though. As I like to say you can find this religion in England if you’re looking for it (I’ve found it unexpectedly ‘oop north’) but it was easier in London, Brighton and the South Coast (advanced Anglo-Catholicism in the 1920s got this nickname from a railway line by that name).

Now I understand at a Roman parish in Brighton you can go to a weekly Mass in Polish — from having the Irish papers for sale in the narthex like I remember popping into RC parishes in England, they’re becoming a different kind of immigrant church. (The Irish stopped coming to Mass.)

BTW happy feast-day of Our Lady of Częstochowa (the icon and more about icons). My priest and father confessor is ethnic Polish.

Byzantine Rite (Orthodox) churches have far more in common with the mediæval vision of Pugin than the baroque statuary he hated (some of it like some classical music doesn’t really belong in church).

The pre-Raphaelites had the right idea too.

From TNLM and Deacon Jim.

London mayor has pierogi-fest to get Polish vote next year

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