Tuesday, August 28, 2007

...true conservatives have always resisted the imperial and military impulse: it drains the treasury, curtails domestic liberties, breaks down families, and vulgarizes culture. From the Federalists who opposed the War of 1812, to the striving of Robert Taft (known as "Mr. Republican") to keep the United States out of Korea, to the latter-day libertarian critics of the Iraq war, there has historically been nothing freakish, cowardly, or even unusual about antiwar activists on the political right. And while these critics of U.S. military crusades have been vilified by the party of George W. Bush, their conservative vision of a peaceful, decentralized, and noninterventionist America gives us a glimpse of the country we could have had--and might yet attain.
— On Bill Kauffman
Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack against a military target. The firebombing of Japanese cities was an overt act against old men, women and children... The pundits can go to hell. And Japanese prime ministers should continue to visit and honor their war dead. The war criminal was Harry Truman, and nobody complains when someone visits his grave.
Taki Theodoracopulos

Two more cases of common knowledge getting it exactly wrong! Everybody who watches television knows that conservatives were hawks in Korea (like Frank Burns!) and liberals wouldn’t have nuked Japanese civilians. Think again. (Truman’s strongest critics on this were not only Dorothy Day but career military men including Eisenhower. That little Freemason was a war criminal.)

I know the Japanese committed atrocities in China. (They hate other Asians.) Not a reason to go to war. As other have written, a trading relationship with an unconquered Japanese Empire would have been morally equivalent to the one with Communist China today. (In case you haven’t noticed just about everything is made there now.)

That said, actually at Pearl Harbor the Japanese naval pilots followed an old-fashioned soldierly code of honour (theirs was a non-Christian but mediæval society the Americans set out to destroy) and did not bomb civilian targets like Honolulu or the oil refinery and storage tanks near the base (which militarily would have made sense and even possibly changed the outcome of the war), American propaganda at the time (‘Those inhuman Nip rats!’) notwithstanding.

(It was the liberal saviours who brought you the New Deal, which didn’t work BTW, who thought imprisoning citizens of Japanese ancestry was a good idea: appealing to the ugliest part of the culture to stir up war fever.)

Their objectives were actually limited: they wanted to grab the American, British and Dutch colonies nearby; countries that were killing them economically. ‘If those countries can have colonies on the other side of the world then why can’t we, right here in Asia?’ None of that nonsense about Hirohito in the White House.

(BTW my landlord’s wife is a dignified lady in her 60s from Japan who still bows instead of shaking hands. Lovely woman.)

The authentic right, including the maligned John Birch Society, was divided about Vietnam.

From The Western Confucian.

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