Saturday, August 11, 2007

Re-marketing promiscuity
Selling contraceptives to teen-age girls. Fr Jay Toborowsky gets it:
Didn't our "PC" society banish Joe Camel here for his "cartoony" look and the fear that young people would see the advertising and be drawn to smoke almost against their will? So what are cartoonish "hip-looking" characters and "playful" colors and lettering saying to teenagers?
A reader on one of the secular world’s big lies:
Ah, well, Father, but cigarettes are evil, everybody knows that.

Sexual intercourse is, on t'other hand, as Peggy Noonan once pointed out, an entitlement.

This is one of the basic premises of liberalism.
Pig heaven for a kind of man marketed as empowerment for women.
So, this show is about three hookers and their mom?
— Brian the dog from ‘Family Guy’ on ‘Sex and the City’

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