Friday, August 31, 2007

Religious gleanings, bibs and bobs
When ‘inclusion’ crosses over into idolatry
That is, a kind of self-worship. All are welcome to come and pray in a Catholic church as the Archbishop of Canterbury more or less repeated about a year ago, but...
I think Archbishop Williams was correct in moving toward “welcome” or I would rather say hospitality; he just didn’t make it a decentering term for all ... in light of Christ the center. Hospitality mutually challenges one another, girds one another on in the things of God, upbuilds one another.

Inclusion and exclusion... are actually not radical enough. They presuppose some set of persons in the community as the center, rather than Christ, and in light of the Community, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we are all welcomed and challenged to renew our minds.
Christopher Evans, whom I’m sure disagrees with me on several things, from haligweorc

Defined doctrine as a necessary evil
Especially from the Orthodox point of view. Following up on this.
Is dogma a tragedy?

Dr. Clark Carlton argued this in a recent Ancient Faith Radio broadcast. It is a compelling thesis. Dogmas, definitions of faith by ecclesial authority, arise out of a breakdown in the transmission and lived experience of the Gospel. They are evidence of the collapse of faith under the weight of sin and heresy. For the saints the truth of Christ should be self-evident; it should not require the coercive and constricting support that human reason provides. The cost of dogmatic theology is that the single and infinitely profound Truth is reduced to a system of smaller truths. Truth ceases to be the Beloved and becomes instead a mere object within a system of thought.
I like it!

I wouldn’t go as far as Fr Maximos or the Roman Catholic apologist he quotes approvingly on development of doctrine but a good thing about defined doctrines is this reduction sets limits — the English concept of rule of law — on any future speculation/use of power. Bishops (including the Pope) and other teachers can’t just make stuff up.

Doctrines are ‘the church’s auto-immune response to the presence of heresy’.

Talking about Vatican II again

And the Episcopal row

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