Friday, August 24, 2007

Tech is here to stay
Part I: talking to Internet father Vint Cerf
The Internet... stands poised to become the greatest communications platform humanity has ever known.
No more waste of dead trees, of land, on overhead for redundant shops... I love it!

Those resources can be better used on more lasting things, like those reflecting permanent things. For example at home my library is largely pared down to my religious and especially liturgical books (lots of office books)... which as you can imagine are either old or recent reprintings or editions of old books.

It saves space.

The same reason LRC’s Gary North no longer has file cabinets full of newspaper cuttings.

As for electronic waste (see Cerf below on obsolescence) live simply that others may simply live, and simply because it’s meet and right (spiritually healthy and good stewardship). Resist the urge planted by Madison Avenue (in the business of manufacturing emotional needs that aren’t really needs) to buy the latest gadget.

(It’s been said Americans waste money on things; Europeans buy experiences: good food, nice holidays.)

Crunchy tech?
We will also be confronted with a kind of "information decay" in which digital objects become less and less accessible owing to the age of the software that created it.

It's not only file formats that change, though. Changes in computer programs, operating systems and even the hardware that we use to build computers will accentuate the challenge of keeping digital information meaningful.
Part II from Derek Olsen who wrote this entry’s headline.

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