Tuesday, August 14, 2007

US churches speak out against torture
And Mr Bush, known around the world as a man of deep and sincere faith, listens to them and stops doing it. In other news he buys everybody in the world a pony.

Where is the line between evangelism and proselytism?
An answer

Remembering a hero
Jonathan Daniels

Why prosperity?
What started the Industrial Revolution?

From Episcopal Café, which when not delivering the denomination’s liberal party line on their row (these people are obsessed with money, property and having gay weddings*) has some good things to say.

*If any of these are challenged the people who hate the Pope because he’s Catholic, calling him a tyrant (because he won’t wave his hand and make gay weddings OK, because everybody knows that’s how Roman Catholic theology works), become higher in their ecclesiology than Blessed Pius IX in elevator shoes or Leonard Feeney with ’roid rage (extra ECUSAm nulla salus!).

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