Friday, August 31, 2007

Very scary, kids
How the US Air Force has changed and only very recently, blogs Air Force chaplain Fr Mark Juchter:
  • The Air Force has increased deployments by 300% in recent years.
  • Air Force personnel are taking more casualties in the present conflicts than they have since Vietnam.
  • In part this is because there are airmen closer to the conflicts - even pulling convoy duty.
  • The Air Force is cutting back in size by around 40%.
What does this mean? It means that everyone is going to deploy, especially given that they’re looking at this as a 30-year war.
Once again:

I am not a pacifist. The problem is not the military as such. Fr Mark like all Christians in the forces is standing on the shoulders of giants like my old rector who not only was a teen fire-watcher atop St Paul’s during the Blitz but was a rating in the Royal Navy by the end of the war and later returned to the Navy as a chaplain.

(He was defending his home — literally. The American government in Iraq is not.)

That said:

Support the troops — bring them home now.

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