Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Anglo-Catholic movement that formed me has always been a minority of practising Anglicans and within it there were/are sub-groups, from the Prayer Book Catholics and their descendents today using the ordinary service books and ceremonial of their national churches but holding Catholic beliefs, to American Mid-Western biretta-belters, often found there as recently as 40 years ago, who look like traditional RCs but are non-papal in their ecclesiology (still the classic American version of ACism and the mode in the Continuum and among Western Rite Orthodox), to the almost peculiarly English (and south-eastern at that) Anglo-Papalists doing modern RC services westward-facing but with panache, to Tridentine Anglo-Papalists, now rarer than hen’s teeth. And I mustn’t forget the Anglo-Orthodox, rarer still but they’re out there... with their own shades of churchmanship from bending the official books as Byzantinewards as possible (the new American book has the Trisagion in it as an alternative to the Kyrie at the Communion service) to doing what Canon West (benefactor of the Serbian Orthodox in New York) used to, suiting up and doing the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom (Anglo-Orthodox’ version of English Missal!)... has anybody gone totally Nashdom or St Saviour’s, Hoxton and done it in Greek or Slavonic? Any iconostasis sightings? (I mean any vicar can throw icons on the walls but this separates the men from the lads!)

So somewhere there’s got to be at least one... Anglo-Sedevacantist, the rarest kind of Tridentine Anglo-Papalist and apparently as elusive as Bigfoot.

A summary of this churchmanship would read like this:
The Pope is not only our patriarch but the Vicar of Christ on earth... but the See of Peter has been vacant since 19__. We show we are not under the current claimant by remaining in the Church of England/Episcopal Church etc. and working and praying for reunion with a future true Pope.
As the Ship saith:
I’m sort of a Sedevacantist.
One might as well leave it at that.
I simply don’t think one is really the Pope
if one doesn’t wear all of the tat.
(What’s a good hymn tune to set that to?)

So if you’re reading this, speak that I may see thee! :)

Or at least some cheeky ordinands at Staggers, Mirfield or Nashotah House could come up with a confraternity/Catholic Society for this complete with website. I dare you.

What their churches and worship might look like. Imitation — of this — is the sincerest form of... ;)

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