Monday, September 17, 2007

The betrayal of the American right
Described by people whose knowledge or memory goes back beyond Reagan

On relativism
Without getting into the merits of relativism and absolutism, let me merely reflect that it is palpably absurd to think that no society has the correct moral code except a nation engaged in aggressive wars, with a negative savings rate, and with the highest percentage of its population in prison.

On the other hand, maybe the conservative is right, and the nation’s morals are under attack from an onslaught of relativism, or, what the conservative more likely means, nihilism. I don’t see it, though. In my experience, people do not do bad things because they think there are no morals – they do bad things because they believe them to be right. What I do see around me, though, is a disquieting form of absolutism.
Joshua Katz goes on to write about the perfectionism of political correctness and the militarisation of American police.

Why the recent US occupations have failed
Two invasions of practically defenseless countries with obsolete weapons and decaying infrastructures have to be termed failures.
Some explanations, some of which echo Bill Lind on 4GW. Using local proxies (Afghanistan) doesn’t work and not researching the countries was foolish.

‘GI Joe’ foreign policy
Only unlike in the toy-selling cartoon people are hurt and killed

From LRC.

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